Do Not Stay In Your Comfort Zone

There have probably been millions of articles written on this subject but nevertheless I want to share my experience. I could also have titled it ‘Do Not Let Your Your Perception Of Your Self Limit Your Creativity’.

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Photography – It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

Impressionist scene in a park

Yesterday I processed and shared the image in this article, reading one of the comments, I got reminded of the circumstances the day I shot it. It’s all about utilizing the time you have on any given location. As the saying goes ‘It ain’t over till it’s over’ in this case meaning, don’t put your camera down until you are on your way home.


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Photography – What To Do When You Lose Your Inspiration

We have all been there, you lose your inspiration or you simply can’t seem to get around to take your camera and go out shooting. In this article I will share one way to solve this, an idea I got a couple of years back when I could not get started.

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Photography – Sometimes You Have To Work With What You Have

This post is one part anecdote -me desperately searching for sheep, cattle or horses- and one part me looking for usable frames, ending up doing a composite and a substantial crop in order to create the final image. You’ve all probably heard about ‘sky replacement’, this is about ‘sheep replacement’.

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The Photos That Are Most Important To Study And Why

We all know, and most would agree on this, that learning from our mistakes is an invaluable way of improving our photography skills. Many – and I agree – say that failures and mistakes are a necessity for us to reach some sort of level of perfection. These days – everyone that shoots digital – has access to all the information you need in the EXIF data, or more correctly, most information. For example, if you load your RAW’s into Lightroom, there’s no way to tell exactly were you focused before taking your shot. This you will have to try and remember, the best way to do that is to have some sort of methodology when you do a shoot. Say you shoot landscape, you could decide that during the whole shoot you will focus at the hyperfocal distance. There are numerous apps for both Android and iPhone that you can download for free. If you don’t have a smartphone, download and print a chart that you take with you. Continue reading