Do Not Stay In Your Comfort Zone

There have probably been millions of articles written on this subject but nevertheless I want to share my experience. I could also have titled it ‘Do Not Let Your Your Perception Of Your Self Limit Your Creativity’.

I got the idea for this brief article the other day after a good friend of mine not only critiqued but also sent me an alternate version of a piece. If you are familiar with my work, you know that I gravitate towards fairly low contrast images with muted colours. Every now and then Michael – who gravitates towards more contrast and saturated colours- sends me suggestions in the form of a quick edit of an image I have shared with him.

I look at his suggestions and even like them but up to now I have always found them ‘not to be me’. Not my style, not what I envision. I’m all for having a style, to create a coherent body of work and not be all over the map. Herein lays a potential problem, the reason why his version was much stronger than mine.

I had let my perception of my style get in the way of my creativity, making me blind to the weakness of the image in question. Not only that, since it was a part of a series, it further blinded me as I tried to make it coherent. So much that when processing, even though I felt that there was something lacking, I never even considered the obvious faults, the absence of contrast and colour saturation. When you look at the two versions, you may or may not prefer the original version but this is beside the point.
The point is that I had limited my creativity and blinded myself for the reasons mentioned above.


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2 thoughts on “Do Not Stay In Your Comfort Zone

  1. The intensity of colour give the image a three dimensionality. I therefore prefer the AFTER image. Having said that if it is a ‘cave painting’ then the original images is closer to a reality…


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