Photography – What To Do When You Lose Your Inspiration

We have all been there, you lose your inspiration or you simply can’t seem to get around to take your camera and go out shooting. In this article I will share one way to solve this, an idea I got a couple of years back when I could not get started.

The idea was to limit my options both in terms of equipment and location, all in an effort to simplify and make it easier to do something rather than nothing. To start with I needed to decided what gear to use, I chose my Fujifilm X100T, the Fujifilm EFX-20 speedlite, my FlashQ remote trigger and a tripod to get the speedlite of camera. My idea was to experiment with intentional camera movement in combination with flash exposure.Divine Intervention

Next step, decided were to shoot. I limited myself to a couple of square meters by a pond and even decided in which direction to point the camera. With these limitations, the task of actually go out and shoot, was much less daunting than with endless options. If I remember correctly, I even gave myself a time frame, all in an effort to ease the self-imposed pressure.


At the designated location, the limitations truly made me relax and enjoy finally shooting again. Did I deviate from the restrictions? Not when it comes to gear but I did allow myself to expand the area and shoot in another direction, there simply wasn’t a composition to be had with the original restrictions. I ended up with a couple shots that I really liked, they became a part of what would be my series ‘Divine Intervention‘. Technique used briefly covered in this article.

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