Shooting Horses – An Anecdote

Yesterday I finally got around to make my way to the stables were our retired thoroughbred racehorse ‘Zorran’ been staying for seven years now. He is a 19 years old gelding that had a successful career until he had to retire when he was 4 years old due to an injury. We got him when he was 12 so no, we never made a fortune when he was active.

If you ever done portraits of horses grazing in a summer meadow you know how difficult this is as they tend to graze ALL the time, only lifting their heads for a split second every now and then to look for predators.

This however, is not the only issue….I’ll try and paint a picture of yesterdays shooting session in the meadow.
Anders – I’m really liking this composition, exposure looks good…’click’. Looking pretty good but a a little too much movement. One more try..20190627-_DSF2671-2782-800

Horse – I’m out of here…

Anders – ….wait, please stay !

Horse – [standing right beside me] Do you have food ?

Anders – No, that’s a camera…

Horse – Are you sure, what’s in the bag?

Anders – Don’t eat the bag, there’s NOTHING in it for you !

Horse – OK….I’ll just hang out here right in front of your lens…

Anders – OK, this is looking good…a nice group of there horses with a pleasing background….

Horse – OK guys, everyone over here, stand really close together

Anders – Please no….

Horse – Everyone move over here so that we have the sun right behind us….

Anders – Please….lens flare !

Horse – Do you have food ?

Anders – Don’t eat the camera bag !

Horse – Why are you here ? Go away [aggressively pushes me around]

Anders – Please don’t noooooo !

Click to expand the illustrations.

Photos from my ‘Sketches‘ portfolio. Similar work found in my ‘Visions‘ portfolio.

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