Working With Textures – A Shortcut

As you may have noticed I have a newfound passion for using texture layers, I have already shared my process a couple of times. Not long ago I realized that in some specific cases, there’s no need for the typical time consuming process that I have previously described . This post is about those occasions, perhaps too obvious to mention as it’s far from a groundbreaking discovery on my part.
Lately I have started to use multiple texture layers, using different blend modes, carefully adjusting the opacity on each layer. This is a time consuming process and I’ve recently realized that on some occasions you can use a shortcut; reusing previous layers on new pictures. Incidentally, I try to stay organized by always creating layer groups.
So on which occasions does it make sense to use this shortcut ? Answer, whenever you have images with similar luminosity and colour palette. This will ensure that the textures will create the same effect. Because most images aren’t identical – only similar – it’s however rare that this works without any additional adjustments.
Typically you will need to fine tune the opacity on some texture layers, adjust global and local luminosity levels with Curves layers. In some cases, delete one of the texture layers. In any case, you will save a lot of time and effort. There’s a couple potential downsides with this approach. One, you run the risk of ending up with a collection of images that are too similar. Two, you run the risk of not using other potentially more compelling textures.

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Photos from my ‘Sketches‘ portfolio. Similar work found in my ‘Visions‘ portfolio.

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