Composition – The Importance Of Practice

I know what you are thinking, this is nothing new, we all know this. And I agree. I want to share how I do it, by challenging myself to always get the composition right in camera. Let me explain.

My Fujis [X100T & X-E2] allow me to shoot squares by the means of an 1:1 overlay, to be able to do this I can not only shot RAW, don’t ask me why, but I also need to shoot JPG. So I shoot RAW and JPG, deleting all the JPGs without even looking at them. 20190513-_DSF2387-2700-800

Here’s the thing, the RAW file doesn’t actually capture a 1:1 image, the 3:2 data is there, it’s just a crop. So with the obvious exception that I can’t change the point or angle of view, I can recompose left to right by simply moving the crop. There’s nothing wrong with this per se, it’s question of not being able to see the composition when shooting, which in turn means that you need to practice more. Why not do it when shooting ?

Also, I have to admit that it is most rewarding every time you get it right in camera. As time goes by, I find myself less often try an alternate composition when processing.

I do however want to stress that if you don’t get it right in camera, there’s naturally nothing wrong with adjusting when processing, this also is a way to learn. In fact, this is how I was forced to start develop my compositional skills, shooting horse racing it – in my experience – is almost impossible to get a pleasing composition in camera.

Illustration in this post from my ‘Visions‘ portfolio.

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