A Study In Colours – Volume Eleven

I’ve added a new photo to my A Study In Colours project.

A Study In Colours - Volume Eleven

It was shoot with my X100T in October last year visiting a favourite location of mine nearby. The light came and went so I went back and forth between using my B+W CPL to slow the shutter and using the CPL with the X100T built in 3 stop ND. The built in ND is a feature that I really like, it comes in very handy, just activate it and it’s there.

Since Adobe added new processing profiles in to ACR a while back I have started to make use of them extensively in Lightroom. Of course there are no profile that is suitable for all your photos, I typically go through them, create a snapshot if I feel it has potential and take it from there.

As a general rule – when processing – I always keep in mind what made me start editing the photo in the first place, why and what I liked about it. This way I increase the odds that I end up with something I like. Another benefit of this approach is that it limits your options, if you know that you find your photo pleasing because of its gentle colours, you automatically stay away from anything that would change this.

After basic processing in Lightroom, I always continue in Photoshop, working with the photo as a Smart Object. As much as I enjoy Lightroom, I find that working with Layers in Photoshop is so much more suitable for the – often – subtle adjustments that is needed.

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