Why Using A NAS Is A Bad Idea

April 01, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Why Using A NAS Is A Bad Idea Photo Is Missing



Short version, it's freaking expensive and NOT safe unless you backup to a external USB drive. A NAS only makes sense if more than one person needs to be able to access the files simultaneously .

Why not safe? Well...no matter how many drives, clever RAID setup you might have, there's only one NAS that can read them, the one that you installed them in. So.....if the NAS fails and you don't have a backup on a external drive, you lose everything unless you can afford to pay $ 1000-3 000 to have the data recovered.

Crazy, right?

With this in mind, why would you want to spend money on a NAS and drives, when you still need to get a USB drive in order to protect your assets? In other words, there's no point in spending money on the NAS cabinet.

Even if it would be possible to put your drives in a new NAS, you still would need a external backup. Why? I'm thinking fire or burglary.


The reason I'm sharing this is because I think most people don’t realise that the only NAS that can read your drives is the one you have them installed in. I didn't know this, my NAS failed and now I'm looking at the possibility of losing 47 000 photos. Yes, most of which I could do without but there are quite a few I very much would like to keep.

So, considering the danger of fire or theft, why didn't I backup my NAS you might ask? The answer is, by the time I got around to do it, my NAS was acting strange and failed to write to the backup USB drive.

Knowing all this, my recommendation is to follow the advice - that I have read in several books authored by professional photographers - to store your photos on USB drives and to keep - minimum - one backup drive for every drive I might need to make room for my photos.

Because of the risk of fire or theft, the backup drives should be stored in a separate location, easily accessible to allow for frequent updates.